Thursday, October 21, 2010

Prologue--Title Unknown

A dark, dreary night I never knew could have existed swept across the city of Abel. The town kept its quiet, stable nature, and my family, my family we kept our heads down, in concealment, barely moving, scarcely speaking, and trying not to attract the attention of townsfolk.
My family was a notorious one, this is true. We were the Emerson family, an ancient, large family that has been in Abel since the town first began. I was the youngest, the only girl of the family, passed over and ignored often because of my young age and gender. They didn’t understand that I was much more capable of what they thought, but I was smart and kept it under wraps.
I had three older brothers; Mark, Jeremy, and Winston. Mark had short, curly hair as dark as ebony. He was fifteen years old, the middle child of the Emerson clan. He was an intelligent, quick-witted boy with a mouth that often got him into trouble. Jeremy was younger than Mark, and of course, older than I, being thirteen. He was a quiet, average-minded boy with courtesy and creativity. Winston, the oldest, being eighteen, was a mean-spirited, cruel individual. He was a genius, this was true, but he dropped out of school at the young age of sixteen for his reason being that he was “tremendously, overwhelmingly bored.”
I, oh, I was the most interesting of all, in my… humble opinion. For no one, no one had my… particular gift. My gift, so unusual, so powerful for my age; I had a super mind, of sorts. I can solve any math problem. Predict the outcome of any situation. I knew all. There was nothing, absolutely nothing I didn’t know. And at the tender age of five, you have to keep these things hidden, for you don’t want a small town of feud-making civilians knowing of a secret power such as this.
I haven’t told a soul, for my mind knew if I did, bad things were to come, terrible, terrible things. Now because of this mind, it does not mean I never make mistakes; I do, and do often, for I am, after all, human. We all make them. It is how we were designed.
I did have a friend, just one, and her name was Juliet. She was bright and optimistic, and being around her made me feel wholesome. Now, I said she was bright, but she, too, was only five, and didn’t have the mind I had been born with. Juliet, as no one did, did not know of my super mind, and I had to dumb myself quite a bit to blend in with the wild, moronic crowd that is kindergarten, but it is all worthwhile, to hide my secret, so dear to me that I wouldn’t risk a single thing on it.
But that was enough about me. You don’t need to know any more about me. You are the only… living soul that knows of me. Your choice to know of this was very, very lethal, very lethal indeed. But so be it. Now you know, and I know, and things must be done, no? 

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