Monday, July 19, 2010

Another Entry for the Competition (Irony Galore)

I was desperate for something to happen, to save me. The dark wrapped around me, constricting my lungs, making it difficult to breathe. I saw nothing, felt nothing, except for the rocking chair across the room. Swaying, back and forth, creaking eerily. Was there something there? What did it want? The whispers started, not really saying anything, not doing anything, just whispering, absorbing my fear, and growing from it. I couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe. Evil mocked me, and even the rocker was fading…

With the last ounce of breath I could muster, I screamed, “WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?” The darkness overtook me, and I saw no more.

Light. Blur. Shapes. This was all I could process, but even the little light I could see at this point was comforting, and it refreshed me. It was then I realized the blurry shape in front of me was the silhouette of a girl.

“You are awake,” she said simply. Her skin was pale and soft, so pale, it seemed she had never stepped out in sunlight in her life. She had blue eyes--big eyes, almost too big, and too knowing. She had long, blond hair that fell gracefully down her back. She looked about 8 years old, and there was something in her eyes that compelled me to protect her, and to care for her. I couldn’t ever let her out of my sight.

It was so sunny out here, the place was so surreal, so magical. The girl sat there and stared at me for the longest time, before she got up, and walked away.

My heart lurched. Where was she going? Without me? What if she walked into the unforgiving arms of danger? My brain was telling me this was unreasonable, that I shouldn’t follow her, but something else… something that seemed more significant was telling me to follow her. I had to protect her.

I brushed the hair out of my face and slowly got up. The little girl had stopped waiting for me. She smiled, and all of a sudden, a wave of darkness swept her away. My heart lurched a little. She couldn’t leave me here. Didn’t she understand I had to be with her? I chased after her, fell to the ground where she had stood, and sobbed. I didn’t know why I was crying; it made no sense. I didn’t know who this child was.

“I’m right here,” the girl’s voice said. “I’ll wait for you.”

Right where? Wait where? I didn’t know where to find her. My heart was aching, I needed to be with her!

“Follow the light,” her voice said again. “That’s where you’ll find me.”

Almost instantly, an orb of light appeared, lingering above the air next to me. It started to move forward; everything in my mind was telling me to stay where I was, to go no further. Nevertheless, my legs kept moving forward, following the light, not even blinking. I had to find her!

How long did I walk? An hour? Ten minutes, thirty? I had no idea. Whether it had been a second or a day, it made no difference. All that mattered now was that I was there.

Well, almost. The light had left me at this mansion, and it was so different from where I had awoken… all too familiar…

It was dark, very dark. Blackness surrounded it, and I heard laughs, whispers, and crying. I didn’t want to be here. But I had to--I had to find the girl. I had to protect her, make sure harm never came her way.

I heard a loud, piercing scream, and I knew instantaneously who it belonged to--her. I ran toward the doors, pushed, pulled, hit, and the door wouldn’t budge. I kept on though. Through my tears and screams, I tried the hardest I could to break through the door.

And then it opened. And I saw a place that looked all to familiar… where had I seen it last…

“It took you long enough,” the girl was there, on the other side of the room, staring coldly at me.

I couldn’t speak. I was shoved against the wall--I had been in this situation before… where, where? The girl disappeared, vanished from sight, and it was then I saw it. The rocker. Back and forth. Creak. The coldness spread through my veins like venom, the whispers crowding my mind, disabling my ability to react.

The rocker stopped suddenly, and with the stop of the rocker came the stop of the cold, the pain, the despair.

And the girl stood from the rocker and shot over to me quicker than light. “Look familiar?” she asked me. Then it hit me. The dream! I was here in the dream! Then it sunk deeper. I was still in the dream.

She must have saw the look on my face, because she smiled and said, “I thought so. You must be very confused. You feel attached to me, and you don’t know why. You don’t know why you’re here, or why I brought you here, do you?

I said nothing. Her smile broadened. “I’m allowing you answers before you… leave me,” she said with a terrifying smirk. “I am called Dream Scout. I’m not here because I want to be, but because it is my fate. I haunt the minds of people, kill them in their dreams. But I’m not your typical Fred Kruger,” she said, laughing manically. “I’m far worse, because I’m real.”

I tried to move, tried to run, but I couldn’t. I was stuck to the ground on which I stood. This was bad… very, very bad.

“You can’t leave, now,” she said. “You’ve already played my little games. It’s time you died.”

The once beautiful face of the girl morphed into a sick, terrifying face. The mouth opened wide, and the last thing I thought about before I slipped into eternal darkness was one word.


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