Monday, July 19, 2010

Mr. Hankins (Epilogue)

My wife sat on the other said of the glass, looking like she had been through quite a lot, though I could only blame her for the death of Capri. She wore the orange jumpsuit that all criminals in the county jail were required to wear, and she spoke through the phone with a whisper.

“I still don’t forgive you,” Tracey wheezed. “You are a traitor, and--”

“I told you once, and I will tell you again, I did not have an affair with that woman. She meant nothing to me, and it’s time you understood that.”

“Don’t lie to me!” She cried. “I saw you! You kissed Capri more passionately than you ever kissed me--and I’m your wife.”

I said nothing, for I knew she was right. Even my welcome kiss to Capri was more romantic than any kiss I had ever shared with Tracey. But Capri didn’t deserve to be killed. And she didn’t deserve my departing words to her, but I had to say that to avoid also being killed…

“Why so silent, husband? Finally realized I was right? That you’re a lying, thieving--”

I held my hand in the air. “I admit, Capri and I had an affair--”

“--so I was righ--”

“Let me finish. It was wrong of me… I don’t know what I was thinking.” I stopped, my voice quavering. “But you have to believe that you’re the only one now, and I want to put this behind us.”

Tracey stopped, her face, once so full of rage, had turned somber. “That means I wasn’t enough for you.” And with that, she burst into a fit of tears. “Why wasn’t I enough?”

I was startled by this. Not because she was crying--that was perfectly understandable. I was shocked because seeing her cry didn’t bother me. Her frustration and grief meant nothing to me. I simply stared at her sob, feeling nothing, doing nothing. I had to of been in love with Capri.

“I did the right thing in killing Capri, then,” Tracey stammered through her tears.

I said nothing. I had made my choice.

Two days later, a man by the name of Ben visited Tracey’s cell.

“Tracey, I am sad to say that we found your husband dead this morning, at approximately 7 in the morning. It is evident he had hung himself, ultimately killing him. We are very sorry, and express our deepest regards to your husband’s death.”

“He’s dead?” she asked quietly.

“Yes, Mrs. Hankins. We are very sorry.” And with that, the man by the name of Ben left the jail, while Mrs. Hankins slipped into the void of her mind.

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